Know Your Service Level Access

Services: Staff Retired
& Partners
& Vendors
Library Facilities Access*
Borrowing Privileges  
Research Services      
Licensed Databases**    
Interlibrary Loan      
Document Delivery      

*Outside visitors on the premises may visit the library when accompanied by staff.

**ST Tiered Access Framework (WBG Only)
The ST Tiered Access Framework sets a consistent set of rules in the provisioning of access rights and device for STCs and STTs, based on the classification of information they will use in their role. Click here to learn more.

The WBG Library provides access to external licensed resources such as databases, ejournals, ebooks, and news. To access the library resources, you must be connected to the WBG Network via VPN or MyConnect and have a WBG email account. 

Access by Tiers

  • Tier 3 provides full access to the resources and services at http://library/. This tier level is recommended for those planning to use the library resources often.
  • Tier 2 provides limited access to the library services. This group can access the following resources using the RSA Token and UPI number. For resources not listed, STs in this tier must submit specific information requests to the library.

Please check out the Introduction to Library Session to learn more. For support please contact the library at or chat live with a librarian at http://v-lad/ Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET.

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